DIY Vaping: 3 Reasons to Store Your Batch in Amber Glass Bottles

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Making your own e-liquid from scratch is a very involved process, which is why it’s so important that you take the time to store those batches once you’re done concocting them. After all, you don’t want to have to throw out a whole bunch of vape juice because you failed to store it properly.

It’s widely beloved within the DIY vaping universe that when it comes to proper storage, amber glass bottles are the way to go. As you’ll soon discover, these bottles have many advantages over the basic plastic and clear glass bottles that are so readily available.

What’re Amber Glass Bottles?

Amber glass bottles are thick glass bottles that have an amber color. For centuries, they’ve been used for medicines and other liquids because of the way in which they preserve what’s inside.

The Importance of Properly Storing Your DIY E-Liquid Batches

We can’t overstate how crucial it is that you store your e-liquid batches carefully and properly. If you don’t store them properly, they can over-oxidize, which means that too much oxygen has entered in and ruined the molecular integrity of the vape juice. This will cause a poor flavor and perhaps even a weak nicotine hit.

Amber Glass Matters

Now, let’s get into the reasons why amber glass bottles are considered so superior when it comes to storing those batches of DIY vape juice.

Reason #1: Less Light Exposure

Like we said earlier, oxidization is a process that can ruin your e-liquid batches. When too much light enters your vape juice, the molecules are disturbed, and certain ones evaporate at a very fast rate. This can cause your e-liquid to change in terms of flavor, color, consistency, aroma and even nicotine strength. Meanwhile, amber glass bottles exist because they filter out large amounts of light.

Reason #2: Less Heat Exposure

Amber glass bottles can also prevent too much heat from entering your e-liquid. Heat is the other factor that can contribute to over-oxidization which can ruin your vape juice. Heat disturbs the molecules in your e-liquid, causing many flavor molecules to evaporate. This can drastically change the flavor profile that you worked so hard to perfect. Amber glass absorbs less heat, which is why it’s such a popular material for storing various liquids.

Reason #3: More Durability

Lastly, amber glass is known for being extremely durable. It tends to be thicker than other types of glass, which means that it can keep your e-liquid safer. We know that you try hard to be careful when storing your vape juice bottles, but accidents do happen. Amber glass can keep your e-liquids safe from harm so that tipping over a bottle or two isn’t such a big deal.

Grab Some Amber Glass Bottles at NicVape

If you wanna take care of your DIY e-liquid batches properly so that they can last for a long time to come, we encourage you to invest in some amber glass bottles. These bottles help maintain the right level of oxidization while being extremely durable. And, considering all the time you’ve spent to perfect those tasty vape juice flavors, it’s safe to assume that you want to make sure that they’re stored properly.

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