DIY Vaping: Concentration is Key

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If you’re gonna be a DIY vaper, you need to acquire a lot of things in order to make the best e-liquids possible. For one thing, you gotta make sure to you have the very best ingredients possible. High-quality equipment is of equal importance for mixing and storing your batches properly. You also need to have creativity when it comes to making unique flavors, a palate that helps you discern different flavoring agents, and a whole lot of concentration.

Concentration is more important than you may think. Staying focused helps you craft the best e-juices imaginable because it ensures that you are paying attention to every tiny detail that goes into making a new formula. And, as you know, making juices is all about the details.

The Importance of Staying Focused

When you make e-liquid from scratch, paying attention to everything that’s happening is of the up most importance, from the time you mix your flavor base to the time you separate your batch into small bottles. DIY juice-making involves a lot of math and chemistry, which means that you need to be completely in the moment and aware of what’s happening at all times. One measuring mistake can cost you an entire batch, after all.

Additionally, concentrating on the task at hand is very rewarding. The addtional attention you give the process, the better the results. And, the more you’ll enjoy the process while it’s happening. Staying present helps you appreciate your hobby on a whole new level.

Tips for Maintaining Optimum Concentration While Making Your Own Batch

So, how can you stay focused while making e-liquid? Allow us to help you with some simple tips.

Tip #1: Use Precise Measurement Tools

First, you wanna make sure that you have the right measuring equipment. Trying to do a lot of guesswork can take you out of the experience as your brain can become fatigued from using so much mental power. The more precise your measuring tools, the more you can focus on the mixing process rather than whether or not you’re measuring each ingredient properly.

Tip #2: Be Present and Enjoy Your Hobby to the Fullest

To stay focused throughout the process of making e-liquid, you need to make an effort to stay present in the moment. This means clearing your mind and merely concentrating on the task at hand. That’s why we suggest making e-juice only when you feel like you’re in a calm enough state of mind to not be distracted by stress and the demands of daily life. Take a few deep breaths and try to find pleasure in the more mundane aspects of your DIY vaping hobby. This will make the experience more fulfilling, allowing you to maintain flawless focus throughout each and every step.

Tip #3: Keep Your Senses Aware and Stimulated

A trick to staying focused is making sure that your senses are stimulated at all times. This helps you stay present rather than allowing yourself to get distracted. Making e-liquid requires the use of your sight, taste buds, sense of smell and sense of touch, so make a point to pay attention to all of these senses during the process.

Creating DIY E-Liquid Requires A Lot of Skill and Knowledge…

But it also requires a good deal of concentration. For those who cannot concentrate on every step of the juice-making process, chances are that you’ll make some mistakes, and find that your hobby is not as rewarding as it can be. Follow the tips above to completely focus on what you’re doing in order to take your DIY juice-making game up a notch or two.

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