DIY Vaping: Diluted Nicotine vs. Undiluted Nicotine

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Making your own batches of e-liquid can be a fun and extremely rewarding hobby. Plus, becoming a DIY vaper can save you money in the long run. However, juice-making isn't a hobby that you can just figure out as you go along. Making your own batches is a science that requires a basic knowledge of math, chemistry, and, most importantly, safety practices.

When it comes to making your own DIY e-juice batches, it's crucial that you understand the importance of handling nicotine in a safe way. In its pure form, nicotine is poisonous, capable of causing serious bodily harm even when absorbed through the skin. If you’ve pets, children or even both in your home, it is that more imperative that you be extremely careful when adding nicotine to your vape juice. Ingestion of pure nicotine can result in death.

Fortunately, more vape manufacturers are producing diluted nicotine products that are safer to use. However, this type of nicotine still requires caution. Plus, there are still plenty of vapers who prefer using undiluted nicotine when making e-liquids.

Below, you'll find out why.

Diluted Nicotine

These days, diluted nicotine is the standard form of nicotine among DIY vapers. Typically, diluted nicotine contains vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), the two ingredients that make up every e-liquid base.

The most obvious reason for purchasing diluted nicotine is safety. When nicotine has been diluted, it's less likely to cause damage if it makes contact with your skin. Even so, it is still crucial that you exercise incredible caution when handling any nicotine product. We always suggest wearing safety gloves and goggles whether your nicotine has been diluted or not. Plus, accidental ingestion of diluted nicotine can still result in toxicity.

Still keep in mind that some diluted nicotine products need to be diluted further before they're safe to add to your batch. Many diluted nicotine products still have high nic concentrations that will be, at the very least, unpleasant to vape. Always look at the concentration level on the bottle before adding it to your batch.

Undiluted Nicotine

Although most DIY vapers these days purchase diluted nicotine for their juice-making ventures, there are still some DIYers out there who prefer undiluted nicotine. Mainly, this is because undiluted nicotine gives them more control of each batch. And because it hasn't been diluted, the vaper can be much more precise when making their formula.

Of course, those who make their own e-liquids with undiluted nicotine must be tremendously careful. Even a drop of pure nicotine can be dangerously toxic. If you're going to use undiluted, we suggest that you make your batches in a garage or a shed. This way, you won't have to worry about drops of pure nicotine getting onto your floors and surfaces.

Safety First When Choosing

Regardless of the type of nicotine that you use when making your own batches of vape juice, it's important to put safety first in order to avoid bodily harm.

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