DIY Vaping: Know Your Sensitivities

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Some DIY vapers find that once they make the switch to homemade e-liquid, they start feeling, well, not that great. There are literally hundreds of ingredients to choose from when making a vape juice from scratch, and not all of those ingredients are necessarily going to agree with you.

So, why might you be having some symptoms after vaping one of your own e-juice batches? Well, it’s possible that you have a sensitivity to a certain ingredient.

Do You Have a Sensitivity to an Ingredient in E-Juice?

First, let’s get one thing out of the way: sensitivities and allergies are two different things. Allergies cause a potentially serious reaction, usually right after the ingredient has been consumed. Sensitivities, on the other hand, typically result in less severe symptoms that may develop right away or only start occurring after the ingredient has accumulated in the bodily system.

In fact, many of us have sensitivities to certain ingredients without knowing it. So, it’s very important to figure out exactly which ingredient you’re sensitive to so that you can stay away from it. That’s because sensitivities can, in some cases, develop into full-blown allergies if you continue to consume the ingredient that you’re sensitive to.

How to Know Your Sensitivities When DIY Vaping

These are signs to look out for:

Rule Out Other Possibilities First

Before looking into sensitivities to certain ingredients, rule out other factors that might explain why you’re not feeling well after vaping your own homemade e-liquid. For instance, maybe you used too much nicotine and ended up feeling a little dizzy because you’re not used to such a high amount. Or, maybe your VG/PG ratio was off, and that PG felt a little harsh because it’s not what you’re used to.

Pay Attention to Your Symptoms

What are the symptoms that you’re feeling after vaping your DIY e-liquid? Does your throat seem to feel scratchy? Does your skin become itchy? Do your lips become extremely chapped? All of these symptoms can help you figure out the severity of the sensitivity while giving you an idea as to how your body reacts to sensitivities in general.

Know the Most Common Culprits

Sensitivity to propylene glycol is becoming more and more frequently reported. This ingredient is in a lot of household products like mouthwashes, facial creams and cosmetics. Also, think about the flavoring extracts that you’re using. For instance, if you have a sensitivity to strawberries in general, a strawberry extract might not be the best thing to put into your vape juice batch.

Process of Elimination

If you can’t determine which ingredient you’re sensitive to off the top of your head, start eliminating. With each batch, take away one ingredient that you’ve been using and replace it with something else. For example, if you suspect that you’re sensitive to a certain sweetener, make a batch without that sweetener and see how you react for a few days.

Get Tested

Certain tests can help you determine any food and chemical sensitivities that you might have. If you wish to try out one of these tests, speak to your doctor. However, these tests might not be conclusive if they don’t happen to test for a specific ingredient that you’re using.

Being A Bit More Aware is Key

Knowing your sensitivities is a great way to avoid making a batch of e-liquid that leaves you feeling unwell.

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