DIY Vaping: More Flavoring Does Not Always Equal More Flavor

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If you've only recently begun making your own e-liquids from scratch, you might be wondering how to create the smoothest, most intense and complex flavor imaginable. One of the most common mistakes that new DIY vapers make is adding a ton of flavoring agents in order to create an e-liquid that has a very strong and nuanced taste.

There are many reasons why your batch may taste weak. As you'll find out, adding more flavoring ingredients isn't necessarily the solution. A weak flavor can be caused by a variety of factors. Luckily for you, we're here to help you troubleshoot this issue so that you can make the most flavorful vape juice possible.

Here are a few reasons more flavoring doesn’t always mean more flavor:

Too Many Different Flavoring Ingredients

One of the easiest ways to weaken the flavor of your batch is to add way too many different flavoring ingredients to it. A common mistake is adding loads of unique types of flavors in order to create a taste that's layered, complex and intense.

The reality is that too many off-set flavors will create a muddy taste that the palate registers as dull. Essentially, your taste buds will quickly become fatigued by the many different flavor notes, resulting in a weak flavor experience that's disappointing.

A good idea is to start with some recipes that are available online. These recipes will help you create stunning vape flavors with just a couple of flavoring ingredients. Sometimes, simple is better.

Too High A Concentration of Flavoring Ingredients

Believe it or not, a weak taste can be caused by a concentration of flavoring ingredients that's simply too high. For beginners, it is tempting to add way more flavoring than a recipe calls for in order to intensify the taste of the batch. The problem is that this throws off the balance of the overall recipe, resulting in a weak taste.

It's wise to keep your concentration of flavoring ingredients below 10%. Anything more will ruin the delicate balance of ingredients in your vape juice batch.

Not Enough Steeping Time

Once you have spent some time creating the perfect batch of e-liquid, you're probably itching to start vaping it right away. However, you must accept the fact that all juice batches must steep. Steeping is a process that involves letting the filled bottles sit in a dark, cool place for several days. This allows the flavor molecules to oxidize, resulting in a richer, more complex and stronger flavor.

How long you should steep your juice depends on several different factors. One thing to keep in mind is that fruit flavors tend to require about a week of steeping. Other flavors, meanwhile, may only need two or three days.

The Reward of Doing Less

Making DIY vape juice batches can be an incredibly rewarding experience if you know what you're doing. By following these guidelines, your bottles of e-juice will taste delicious and vape the way you need them to.

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