DIY Vaping: Properly Mixing Multiple Flavor Concentrates into a Batch

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Every new DIY vaper simply cannot wait to create their own mouth-watering flavor combinations from scratch. Thanks to commercial flavor concentrates, it's fairly easy to concoct tasty e-liquids without a deep understanding of chemistry.

However, most people who are new to DIY vaping will find that crafting the most flawless, satisfying flavors is a skill that doesn't develop overnight. Although flavor concentrates make it easier to create yummy e-liquids, it's still easy to end up with a product that doesn't taste quite right.

However, there are some easy ways to prevent ending up with an unpleasant flavor when using multiple flavor concentrates. By following this guide, you'll be able to avoid the common mistakes that beginners make when creating their first batches of DIY juice.

How to Flavor Your Batch with Flavor Concentrates

The rule of thumb is that your flavoring ingredients should make up 10% of your batch. If you add too little, your flavor will probably be weak. If you add too much, the consistency of your e-liquid will be off, and the flavor might be overwhelming.

Experimentation is Key

One of the most important things to remember about creating flavors with multiple flavor concentrates is that you're going to have to be willing to experiment. Approach the process of making DIY e-juices with the willingness to make mistakes here and there in order to develop your skills. Very few DIY vapers have been able to avoid creating disappointing flavor combinations from time to time.

The experimentation process should be looked at as a fun way to express your creativity. Mix and match different flavor concentrates until you end up with something that is truly pleasing to your taste buds.

Avoid Muddy Flavors

As we said, creating a perfectly balanced, complex and tasty vape juice requires experimentation. One of the most common mistakes that a DIYers makes is adding too many different types of flavor concentrates into one batch. When there are too many flavor notes going on, your e-liquid will taste muddy, meaning that it's hard to distinguish the unique components of the flavor profile.

To avoid creating a muddy-tasting e-juice, don't combine too many heavy flavor concentrates. Heavy flavors include coffee, tobacco, caramel, chocolate and cinnamon.

Don't Forget to Steep Your E-Liquids

If you're going to make your own vape juices, you will have to get familiar with the steeping process. Steeping allows your vape juice flavors to oxidize, resulting in a cleaner, richer and more complex flavor.

Juice that hasn't been steeped will have a weaker, muddier flavor. That's because the flavor molecules haven't been given a chance to bond together properly.

There are many different ways to steep your liquids. One of the most popular methods involves placing your filled bottles in a dark room for between one and two weeks. You can also submerge them overnight in a bowl of warm water.

Keep it Simple at First

It's very tempting to add as many flavor concentrates as possible when you first get into DIY vaping. However, many experienced DIY vapers agree that it's best to try combining just two flavor concentrates at first. This will help you develop your palate.

Plus, you'll likely notice that less is often more. A flavor won't necessarily taste better because it contains eight different flavor concentrates.

Keep Track of What Works and What Doesn't

As you experiment with different flavor combinations, write down which ones go well together, and which do not. You'll be able to refer to these notes when creating new vape juice recipes.

Stay “Concentrated” When DIY Vaping

These tips will help you create the yummiest e-juices imaginable with multiple flavor concentrates. By following this guide and being willing to experiment, you'll become a flavor-mixing pro in no time.

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