DIY Vaping: Should You Scale Back on Ingredients?

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If there’s one thing that’s crucial when it comes to DIY vaping, it’s getting that balance of ingredients just right. Not only will improperly balance ingredients throw off the flavor that you’re spending so much time trying to achieve, but they will also affect the e-liquid’s ability to vaporize. Balancing ingredients properly is a skill that comes from trial and error, as we’re sure you know.

However, there are times when it’s clear that you need to scale back the ingredients. Today, we’ll be breaking down each ingredient that goes into DIY vape juice and telling you when you should scale it back for a better batch of e-liquid.


Lots of newbie DIY vapers make the mistake of assuming that the more flavoring ingredients, the better the e-liquid will taste. However, this is rarely the case. Flavoring extracts usually make up ten percent of the vape juice recipe, and for good reason. Too much flavoring can give you vaper’s tongue, for one thing. Additionally, too much flavoring can be overwhelming to the taste buds, making the e-liquid unpleasant. Also, remember that you must maintain a certain ratio of ingredients in order for the vape juice to be, well… vapeable. So, if you’re going above 10-15 percent flavoring agents, we suggest scaling back.


If you have a sweet tooth, you may believe that more sweetener means more satisfaction. However, this is rarely the case. Sweeteners can cause your e-liquid to taste one-note, meaning that all you get is sugar rather than the other ingredients. Also, too much sweetener can cause your vape juice to burn due to the high sugar content.


As you know, that VG/PG ratio is very important as it determines everything from the size of your clouds to how quickly you go through your vape juice. You’ll know that you’re using too much PG if you feel like you’re burning through your e-liquid too quickly, or if you feel that the consistency is so thin that you’re hardly getting any vapor. If either of these things are happening, scale back.

Alternatively, you can definitely make the mistake of using too much VG. Using too much VG can make your e-liquid clog your coil, and it can cause you to barely get any flavor. VG is very thick compared to PG, and the consistency of your e-liquid must be spot on if you’re going to have a successful vape. If you feel that the thickness of your vape juice is causing problems, scale back the VG level by adding more PG.


Lastly, let’s talk about nicotine. There is definitely a thing as too much nicotine, as you probably have figured out by now. If you’re a nicotine lover, we get wanting to add a lot to your recipe. But too much nicotine can make you feel uneasy and unwell due to the way in which the body processes it. Additionally, too much nicotine can water down your flavor and interfere with cloud production.

Making the Right Call Matters

It’s tempting to overdo it with certain ingredients when you first start making your own e-liquids from scratch. However, as you know, overdoing it can ruin your batch. Use this guide to know when it’s wise to decrease the amount of a certain ingredient to end up with a more satisfying product.

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