DIY Vaping: Using Your Sense of Smell and Taste When it Comes to an E-Liquid Batch

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We all know that a good deal of time and effort go into making the perfect batch of DIY vape juice. From choosing the best ingredients to storing those batches in the best-quality bottles, each step matters a great deal.

During the actual mixing process, it’s crucial that you do everything that you can to ensure that the flavor is as delicious as possible. Luckily, this is easy, because we have taste buds and olfactory glands. This means that we can simply use our senses to ensure that the e-liquid is going to taste delicious when it gets into our tank and we fire a hit.

Is Flavor All About the Taste Buds?

First, we have to clear something up. When you vape an e-liquid, that flavor isn’t just interfering with your sense of taste. In fact, it’s more your sense of smell that’s perceiving information.

Have you ever tried to taste something while holding your nose? If you have, you know that the flavor is extremely weak when your olfactory glands aren’t involved. This explains why our sense of smell has so much to do with whether or not an e-liquid satisfies us. That being said, our sense of smell is just as useful when making e-liquid as is our sense of taste.

Your Senses Will Matter

Time to make a bit more “sense” of this:

Comparison Smelling

One thing you can do is “comparison smelling.” This means comparing your DIY e-liquid with a manufactured e-liquid that you really like, all by using your sense of smell. Ask yourself if the aroma of your batch is as complex, bold and enticing as the one coming from the bottle of e-liquid that was made by another company.

Detecting the Quality of Each Ingredient

You can also use your nose to check the quality of each flavoring ingredient. If one ingredient smells off in some way, you know to leave it out without having to taste it.

Checking for Freshness

Additionally, a quick whiff of an ingredient can inform you on whether or not it’s fresh.

How to Use Your Sense of Taste When Making a DIY Vape Juice Batch

Hw can we really take full advantage of our sense of smell and sense of taste to ensure the best-tasting vape juices possible?

Tasting as You Go

When making a batch of vape juice, we recommend tasting a little bit as you go by vaping it. This means that once you’ve mixed the ingredients, you pour a tiny bit into your tank and test the flavor profile. Then, you can add other ingredients from there.

Comparison Tasting

Just like comparison smelling, comparison tasting allows you to compare your e-liquid batch with a flavor that’s on the market that you really like. This can help you figure out if something is missing from your own flavor.

Checking the Sweetness Level

You should also use your sense of taste to check the sweetness level. Sweetness can’t be smelled, so you must use your taste buds to determine whether or not your vape juice batch needs more or less sweetener.

Smell and Taste the DIY Vaping Experience

As you can see, both our sense of smell and our sense of taste can help us ensure that our DIY e-liquid batches are as satisfying as can be. Use these tips to ensure that you use these senses to their maximum potential during the recipe-mixing process. The result will be a juice that hits the spot each time you fire a hit.

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