Keep Your DIY Equipment Sanitized

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If you're a DIY vaper who loves making e-liquid from scratch, it's likely that you've invested a fair amount of money into your juice-making setup. As any DIY vaper knows, juice-making can get expensive between all the syringes, beakers, measuring glasses, empty bottles and e-liquid ingredients.

If you've splurged on all of the right equipment, it's crucial that you practice maintenance regularly. This means that each piece of DIY vape juice equipment should be sanitized on a regular basis.

Fortunately, sanitizing your DIY vape juice equipment is a fairly simple process. By following our guide below, you'll have a perfectly clean DIY setup that will ensure tasty vape juice and equipment that lasts for a very long time.

Why You Should Always Sanitize Your Equipment

It's important that you fully sanitize all your DIY vape juice equipment immediately after creating a batch of e-liquid. By sanitizing the equipment, you'll prevent bacteria from developing. After all, the development of bacteria inside your syringes, bottles and beakers can be dangerous.

Sanitizing your DIY equipment also guarantees a better flavor. After all, if you're not fully cleaning each piece of equipment after creating a batch of e-liquid, there's a good chance that remnants of old flavors will be crossing over into your new batch.

Additionally, sanitizing your equipment will keep it functioning properly. As you probably know, certain DIY vape juice ingredients are full of sugar that can gunk up your various pieces of equipment. As a result, they won't last nearly as long.

How to Keep Your DIY Vape Juice Equipment Sanitized

There are a few methods for sanitizing your DIY equipment. One popular method involves hot, soapy water. Simply fill a basin with hot water and a few squirts of a mild detergent. Allow your equipment to soak in the basin for about twenty minutes before using an abrasive sponge to thoroughly clean each piece.

Another popular sanitizing method involves soaking the equipment in a solution that consists of one-part white distilled vinegar and three-parts distilled water. The vinegar is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal agent that has the unique ability to remove stains and loosen up any gunk.

A third method involves soaking all the equipment in equal parts water and vodka. Vodka is a powerful cleaning agent that neutralizes odors while killing bacteria.

Once you've cleaned your equipment thoroughly, allow it to dry before using it again. Make sure that you keep bottles and lids separate during the drying process so that bacteria won’t get the chance to build up.

Just Keep It Clean

As you can see, there's really nothing to keeping your DIY vape juice equipment sanitized. By taking the time to do this after making each batch of vape juice, you'll find that your equipment lasts longer and your e-liquid tastes cleaner.

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