Solutions for 3 DIY E-juice Mistakes

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To the vapers who enjoy using our e-liquids, you might want to consider trying your hand at DIY e-liquid mixing from out site. The cost of going to your local VNM for a commercially made product can be a bit costly and may or may not totally satisfy you. It is worth weighing the option of learning to mix a batch of your own for some possible cost savings.

Now, there are a few key mistakes that trip up beginners and these pitfalls can plague even an experienced vaper. Before launching into buying the supplies to get started - or making yet another batch that you are not happy with...consider the following three things that are common mistakes in creating e-juice.

DIY E-Juice Mistake #1: Not Taking Notes
Even the most skilled mixer will occasionally make a bad tasting e-juice. This is commonplace when a newbie begins making DIY e-liquids. Taking notes is vital. If you don't document what you have done during the mixing process, you cannot learn from your mistakes. Anything you do or change - write it down. The notion that you will get a great product by randomly attempting to mix a masterpiece is more than a little unlikely. With good notes, your trial and error will allow you to go back and continually refine your mix until you get a perfect blend.

DIY E-Juice Mistake #2: Over-Flavoring
One enormous pitfall is believing that if you want a lot of flavor - you must use a lot of flavoring. This is the absolute opposite mentality to making a great juice. In this type of crafting, the "less is more" adage certainly applies. An overabundance of flavor leads to a muted harsh mess. A good rule of thumb is to never go over 10% on a single flavor or over 30% on all flavors combined. The less you use to create the flavor you want, the better your recipe will be. A second solution to over-flavoring is single flavor testing. Before using a flavor in a mix, test the flavor on its own. As a starting point, with brands that are mid-potency range, start testing with a 5% strength of flavor. If it is too faint, you can increase up to 7-8%. Also, single flavor testing is key to getting a satisfying e-juice blend of flavors.

DIY E-Juice Mistake #3: Not Steeping & Shaking
Often times, an e-juice mix that seems flat and unacceptable, would become a great vape if only given time to steep. The solution here is simple, allow your juice mixture to steep for at least 6-12 hours. Experienced DIY vapers often steep their mixtures for a week or two. Not shaking the mix is another mistake. Under mixing can lead to a high concentration of nicotine in one area of your juice syringe and an over-abundance of flavoring in another. This two-step process allows the components of the liquid to deepen and mature during steeping process - and thorough shaking blends the flavors before vaping.

Sometimes you can save some cash and simply release the inner “DIY vaping master” just waiting to come out when you create your own e-liquid batches.

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