Using NicSalts in your DIY E-Liquid

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It's safe to say that nicotine salts have taken the vaping industry by storm over the last year or so. These days, pod mod systems that utilize salt nic e-juices are just as popular as traditional box mods that are designed for vaping traditional e-liquids. Many people love vaping nic salt liquids because of how similar the feeling is to that of smoking an analog cigarette.

If you're a DIY vape enthusiast who wants to make your own salt nic juice, it's important to know exactly what you're doing. It's easy to end up with a poor-tasting vape juice if you don't understand the basics when it comes to nicotine salts. Fortunately, we've created an easy guide that will help you concoct the perfect batch.

What are nicotine salts?

Before we begin to tell you how to add nicotine salts to your DIY e-liquid, it's important that you understand exactly what nicotine salts are. Up until recently, vape juices contained freebase nicotine. Invented by cigarette company’s decades ago, freebase nicotine is a highly potent form of nicotine. The lackluster element to utilizing freebase nicotine in vape juices is that in higher strengths it can deliver a harsh sensation to the throat when vaped.

Our Nicotine salts are created using freebase nicotine and benzoic acid, yielding a product with lower PH levels, reducing alkalinity (high alkalinity is what causes a harsh throat hit) and improving nicotine absorption, even when vaped at lower temperatures.

The benefits of using NicSalts in your DIY e-liquids…

There are plenty of reasons why vape enthusiasts enjoy nic salts. Most notably, salt nic e-liquids allow the vaper to experience a sensation that's like pulling on a cigarette. This type of nicotine gives a strong throat hit and a pleasant nicotine buzz with every pull.

Salt nic e-liquids should only be used in low wattage, Mouth to Lung (MTL) Devices. Do not use NicSalt products with Direct to Lung (DTL) devices, like sub-ohm or drip devices.

Safety comes first…

It must be noted that safety comes first whenever you're handling nicotine. When using diluted nicotine products at home, wear protective gear such as safety goggles and gloves. Always clean up spills immediately and avoid skin exposure to liquid nicotine products. It's also important to keep your nicotine away from children and pets!

How to add NicSalt to your DIY e-liquid…

When making salt nic juice for a low wattage pod device or Mouth to Lung (MTL), you can add more nicotine salts to the formula. Popular vaping strengths for appropriate MTL devices are 25 mg, 30 mg, 45 mg and 50 mg. We do NOT recommend exceeding 50 mg and encourage vapers to reduce nicotine strength over time.

It's imperative that you purchase your nicotine salts from a trusted source that's known for manufacturing high-quality products. The quality of your nicotine salts determines how enjoyable your vape will be. Typically speaking, the best nicotine salts that are on the market have little to no flavor.

The benefits are there…

There are many reasons why you may decide to start vaping nicotine salts, after years of relying on freebase nicotine or if you are trying to kick the cigarette habit, once and for all. Whatever the reason, this guide will help you make the perfect batch of salt nic e-liquid.

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