This 120mL E-Base REFILL bottle contains enough E-Base to make four 30mL bottles of E-Liquid.

E-Base is The DIY E-Liquid for Not-So-DIY Vapers, or anyone that wants a simpler, easier way to:

  • Save Money
  • Vape a truly custom e-juice
  • Create DIY E-Liquid, without all the DIY fuss!

All you do is...

  1. Combine 25.5mL of E-Base with 4.5mL of Flavoring (We Recommend E-Flavors™ Professional Flavor Concentrates!)
  2. Shake & Vape!

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E-Base Blend:

Select your preferred VG/PG blend.

E-Base Target Nicotine Level:

Choose your nicotine strength.

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This REFILL is intended to be mixed with E-Flavors flavoring concentrate, by combining 25.5mL of E-Base, along with 4.5mL of E-Flavors flavoring into a separate 30mL bottle.

*We've done the calculations for you. You select the Nicotine Strength and VG/PG Blend of your TARGET, or Finished E-Liquid, when you make your E-Base selection (either 1.5mg, 3mg, or 6mg Nicotine, and 50/50 or 80/20 VG/PG Blend). Upon combining 25.5mL of E-Base with 4.5mL of E-Flavors flavoring, Your finished e-liquid will contain your TARGET nicotine strength and VG/PG blend. This is because we've formulated E-Base with slightly higher nicotine and VG contents (see chart below), and E-Flavors flavoring concentrates are PG based and contain no nicotine).

E-Base TARGET (25mL with 4.5mL flavoring added) Nic per mL1.5mg/mL3mg/mL6mg/mL
E-Base w/o flavoring added (as-is) Nicotine per mL1.8mg/mL3.5mg/mL7.1mg/mL

After combining 4.5mL of E-Flavors flavoring with 25.5mL of E-Base, your new, custom flavored e-liquid will have your target nicotine level and VG/PG blend.

Selecting your preferred PG/VG Blend.

PG Characteristics:

  • Carries flavor better than VG
  • Produces more "throat hit"
  • Thinner (less viscous) than VG
  • Less vapor production than VG

VG Characteristics:

  • High Vapor (cloud) production
  • Much thicker (higher viscocity) than PG
  • High-VG juice may not wick properly in older types of tanks, leading to "dry hits" or a burnt taste. High-VG juice is best when used for dripping (RBAs and RDAs), or in more advanced (sub-ohm) tanks.
  • Little to no "throat hit" making for a smoother vape