4- Pack of E-Base™ 30mL (25.5mL Net Vol. per Bottle) Ready-to-Flavor E-Liquid

A great way to save even more!

E-Base™ is THE EASIEST WAY to make e-juice.

Just add 4.5mL of your favorite E-Flavors flavoring (combine 1 or more flavors to total 4.5mL of flavoring) to each bottle, to make four 30mL bottles of truly custom E-Liquid, Shake, and Vape!

E-Base is The DIY E-Liquid for Not-So-DIY Vapers, or anyone that wants a simpler, easier way to:

  • Save Money
  • Vape a truly custom e-juice
  • Create DIY E-Liquid, without all the DIY fuss!

All you do is...

  1. Add 4.5mL of Flavoring (We Recommend E-Flavors™ Professional Flavor Concentrates!)
  2. Shake & Vape!

*We've done the calculations for you. Volume, Blend, and Nicotine Strength are TARGET LEVELS, assuming you add 4.5mL of flavoring to the bottle. Actual Bottle Contents have been formulated so that, upon adding your 4.5mL of flavoring, your finished E-Liquid will contain the correct TARGET nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio you selected, either 1.5mg, 3mg, or 6mg per mL.

E-Base "30mL" TARGET Nicotine (with 4.5mL flavoring added) 1.5mg/mL 3mg/mL 6mg/mL
E-Base "30mL" w/o flavoring (as-is) Net Vol. 25.5mL 1.8mg/mL 3.5mg/mL 7.1mg/mL

After adding 4.5mL of flavoring, your new, custom flavored e-liquid will have your targeted nicotine level.

So... Just: Add 4.5mL of flavoring, shake, and vape! It's really that simple! The hardest part is deciding which flavor you want to vape today :-)

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    E-Base Blend:

    Select your preferred VG/PG blend.

    E-Base Target Nicotine Level:

    Choose your nicotine strength.

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    Selecting your preferred PG/VG Blend:

    PG Characteristics:

    • Carries flavor better than VG
    • Produces more "throat hit"
    • Thinner (less viscous) than VG
    • Produces less vapor than VG

    VG Characteristics:

    • High Vapor (cloud) production
    • Much thicker (higher viscosity) than PG
    • High-VG juice may not wick properly in older types of tanks, leading to "dry hits" or a burnt taste
    • Little to no "throat hit" making for a smoother vape
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