E-Base EZ-DIY E-Liquid Kit
  • E-Base EZ-DIY E-Liquid Kit
  • E-Base™ EZ-DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit - EBEZKIT
  • E-Base™ - the easiest way to make e-juice - Quick Tip

THE EASIEST Way to Make E-Liquid. Guaranteed!

Just choose your target nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio, add flavoring, Shake and Vape!

E-Base is The DIY E-Liquid for Not-So-DIY Vapers, or anyone that wants a simpler, easier way to:

  • Save Money
  • Vape a truly custom e-juice
  • Create DIY E-Liquid, without all the DIY fuss!

*We've done the calculations for you. Volume, Blend, and Nicotine Strength are TARGET LEVELS, assuming you add 4.5mL of flavoring to the bottle. Actual Bottle Contents vary with selected VG/PG blend and nicotine choice:

E-Base "30mL" TARGET Nicotine (with 4.5mL flavoring added) 1.5mg/mL 3mg/mL 6mg/mL
E-Base "30mL" w/o flavoring (as-is) Net Vol. 25.5mL 1.8mg/mL 3.5mg/mL 7.1mg/mL

After adding 4.5mL of flavoring, your new, custom flavored e-liquid will have your targeted nicotine level and VG/PG blend. Simple!

The E-Base EZ-DIY Starter Kit includes:

  • (10) 15mL E-Flavors of your choice
  • (4) Bottles of E-Base 30mL Ready-to-Flavor E-Liquid
  • (3) 3mL syringes with blunt-tip needles for measuring and transferring
  • (1) 10mL graduated cylinder for measuring
  • (3) disposable 3mL transfer pipettes (another easy way to transfer liquid from one bottle to another)
  • (5) pairs of disposable nitrile gloves to help keep you safe and clean

Just add flavoring... Shake & Vape!

Learn about and explore E-Flavors Flavoring Concentrates (opens in a new browser tab)

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