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You're no ordinary DIY E-Liquid Mixologist, and E-Flavors' MASSIVE e-liquid flavoring collection is not your ordinary variety pack! - Now with 52 Flavors!!

You want flavor. You need choices. You demand value. Well, our friends, you've hit the mother lode!!!

NicVape is proud to offer you the E-Flavors Mother-of-All-Flavorings MASSIVE (52) 15ml-bottle E-Flavors Variety Pack Collection #1. Our 2 MASSIVE Collections are THE BEST collections of the finest e-liquid flavoring concentrates available any price.

The MASSIVE Collection #1 includes 52 E-Flavors Flavor Concentrates:

Almond Green Apple Real Watermelon
Blue Raz
Hazelnut Red Apple
Blueberry Kentucky Tobacco Ripe Strawberry
Bubblegum Kiwi Root Beer
Butterscotch Lemon Spearmint
Cappuccino Lime Strawberry
Carolina Tobacco Menthol Subtle Cinnamon
Clementine Milk Sweet Brown
Coffee Old Fashioned Donut Sweet Tea
Cool Orange Sweet Tobacco
Cotton Candy Pear Tennessee Tobacco
Cream Peppermint Tiramisu
Créme de Menthe Pie Crust Tootie Frootie Cereal
Dark Raz Pineapple Turkish Tobacco
Fine Cuban Tobacco Rainbow Candy Vanilla
French Vanilla Raspberry Vanilla Custard
Gourmet Cinnamon Real Honey Yellow Cake

OMG! That's a LOT of FLAVOR!!! And E-Flavors flavor concentrates are twice as concentrated as most other flavor concentrates on the market, meaning you'll use less, flavor more, save money, and create e-juice like never before.

Since E-Flavors inception in early 2014, premium, top-brand e-liquid manufacturers have come to know E-Flavors (the first flavor concentrate to be engineered for vaping, and created specifically for the vaping industry) as the go-to brand for the truest-to-life flavor profiles, and quality that discerning Vapers demand in their juice.

Sure, you can buy just one, or a few, but if you're really into DIY e-liquid creation, and you love choices, you're gonna want to get E-Flavors' MASSIVE flavor concentrate collection at your mixing station today!

Please understand that we cannot swap/make exceptions to the contents. Thank you.