Camouflage™ MAX-VG FEATURES:

  • MAXIMUM VG* formulations
  • Recommended for Advanced Tanks, RDAs and RBAs
  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 3, & 6 mg/mL
  • Clear Recyclable Glass Bottles with Child-Resistant Caps
  • Designed to prevent “vaper’s tongue” with sophisticated flavoring blends
  • Softer flavor profiles that allow for a true “All Day Vape”
  • Liter Sizes Available

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Camouflage At Ease Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, honeydew flavored e-liquid, vape juice, at ease
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF08 -

At Ease vape juice is a refreshingly crisp honeydew melon flavor that will satisfy your thirst whenever you take a hit. This yummy e-liquid provides the tongue with nuanced melon flavor that's sweet, cool and pleasantly juicy. The e-liquid is delightfully light and not overly sweet. On the inhale, At Ease e-juice seduces the palate with a honeydew taste that's crisp enough to make your taste buds tingle. The sweetness of the honeydew melon becomes more intense without overwhelming the tongue....

Camouflage Bouncing Betty Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, berry flavored e-liquid, vape juice
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF01 -

There's no berry flavor out there that's more complex and authentic-tasting than Bouncing Betty vape juice. With every puff, a plethora of delectable berry flavors mingle on the taste buds. You'll savor each distinctive berry taste as tart and sweet flavor notes tease your tongue. When you inhale Bouncing Betty e-juice, deliciously tart berry flavors like raspberry and blackberry tickle every taste bud. The juiciness of the berries quenches your thirst when the vapor gets to the back of the...

Camouflage Bulletproof Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, blueberry cheesecake e-liquid, vape juice, Bulletprof
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF03 -

If creamy and rich cheesecake is your jam, Bulletproof vape juice will knock your socks off. For this special dessert flavor, Camouflage E-Liquid took a velvety cheesecake and encased it in a buttery graham cracker crust before topping it off with fresh, plump blueberries. As you inhale Bulletproof e-juice, the tartness from the blueberries mingles with the tang from the cream cheese. Very quickly, the cheesecake flavor becomes sweeter as warm notes of vanilla envelope the palate. On the...

Camouflage Devil Dog Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, strawberry yogurt flavored e-liquid, vape juice, devil dog
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF06 -

Sweet and tangy flavors make the tongue salivate like nobody's business. That's why Camouflage E-Liquid created Devil Dog vape juice. The combination of juicy, sweet strawberries and creamy, tangy Greek yogurt is a recipe for intense satisfaction. While you inhale Devil Dog e-juice, the tartness of the strawberry flavor wakes up the palate as the tangy taste of thick yogurt sticks to the tongue. The strawberry flavor becomes more and more sweet as the vapor absorbs into the taste buds. When...

Camouflage FUBAR Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, blueberry yogurt flavored e-liquid, vape juice, fubar
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF07 -

FUBAR vape juice is like a luxurious parfait made with the ripest blueberries and the creamiest Greek yogurt on the planet. The balance of flavors is exceptional, providing the palate with sweet, tangy, tart and rich tastes that send the taste buds through the roof. With such intensely delicious tastes, you'll feel like you're eating spoonfuls of a luxurious dessert while you vape. Each inhale of FUBAR e-juice splashes tart blueberry taste onto the tongue. The blueberry flavor's natural...

Camouflage MOAB Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, berry flavored e-liquid, vape juice, MOAB
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF02 -

It's not easy to replicate the taste of syrupy and bubbly soda. MOAB vape juice is an impressive take on vanilla-infused root beer that's loaded with sugary sweetness. The flavor will dazzle the sweet tooth while refreshing the palate with its crisp flavor. Plus, this flavor will quench your thirst just like a big glass of ice-cold soda. When you inhale MOAB e-juice, effervescent root beer invigorates the tongue. The root beer taste that you know, and love will instantly satisfy your cravings...

Camouflage Officers Candy Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, cotton candy flavored e-liquid, vape juice, officers candy
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF05 -

Officers' Candy vape juice is a decadent candy flavor that blends wispy cotton candy with juicy red strawberries. The freshness of the strawberries balances out the intensity of the sugary cotton candy flavor perfectly. As you inhale Officers' Candy e-juice, tangy strawberry flavor tastes exactly like a berry that has just been picked off the vine. The strawberry flavor's sweetness becomes stronger as the flavor lingers on the taste buds. When you exhale, a burst of sweet cotton candy flavor...

Camouflage On-the-Double Max-VG E-Liquid NicVape, Camouflage, eliquid, e-liquid, ejuice, e-juice, honey nut granola yogurt flavored e-liquid, vape juice, On the Double
Price: $10.78-$420.00
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CF04 -

If your go-to breakfast is a bowl of rich Greek yogurt covered in sticky and sweet honey-soaked granola, On-The-Double vape juice is the e-liquid you need to fall in like for. The sweetness of the honey, the savory notes of the oats and the tangy, creamy yogurt will make you feel like you're indulging in something deeply sinful. On the inhale, On-The-Double e-juice excites the palate with earthy, nutty granola flavor. The honey slowly crawls down the tongue, intoxicating the sweet tooth along...

Camouflage Max-VG 4 Bottle E-Liquid Variety Pack - 120ml Total
Price: $38.39
Availability: In Stock
NicVape Item #: CAMOVP1 -

Camouflage's Max-VG formulation is perfectly balanced to give you maximum vapor production, huge clouds, and BIG flavor.Choose any (4) 30ml Bottles of our Camouflage Max-VG E-Liquid Collection, and your savings will be as big as the clouds you'll blow!Max-VG has a much higher viscosity than typical PG/VG blends, and is best suited for RBA/RDAs, and advanced tanks designed to accommodate high-VG e-liquids.MAX-VG is not recommended for "starter" tanks or cartomizers which may not be capable of...

Camouflage E-Liquid Collection: Answer the Call

Vaping has become something much larger than when it originally began. If you value camaraderie, brotherhood, friendship, and loyalty, you have come to the right place for your vape ingredients and supplies. The Camouflage™ MAX-VG e-liquid collection pays homage to the incredible men and women that make the most meaningful sacrifices each and every day. Honor those individuals who sacrifice their freedoms and put their lives on the line so that you and I may enjoy ours. This collection represents freedom and defending the values that make you who you are. Explore our selection today to take advantage of maximum vegetable glycerin formulations, and much more.

Every e-juice in our Camouflage™ MAX-VG e-liquid collection is recommended for advanced tanks, RDAs, RBAs, and similar atomizers. With each e-juice we offer, we have calculated the recipe to reach maximum VG formulations for a light and refreshing vaping experience and excellent vapor production.

This Camouflage™ MAX-VG e-liquid collection boasts a wide range of tastes we guarantee you’re going to want to sink your teeth into. From the comforts of home to fruits or desserts fit for any sweet tooth, each e-liquid is crafted by master flavorists and will light up your taste buds with an explosion of flavor. Better yet, we offer variety packs and allow you to take the reins on your ADV. Simply choose your preferred bottle size, strength of nicotine, vape, and enjoy!

NicVape is the most reliable source for affordable e-liquids that incorporate concentrated vape flavors for an intense ADV or special treat after a long day. This collection was designed with a value-conscience commitment to providing affordable e-juices and liquids without sacrificing flavor. Have questions? We are here to help! Contact our flavor experts and vaping guides for further assistance today.