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Butter Face vape juice is the creamiest, most seductive strawberry custard flavor that you'll ever try. To deliver the most exquisite flavor imaginable, the brand carefully blended four different strawberry flavors in order to provide the taste buds with an explosively juicy and authentic taste. The custard that they have developed is outrageously rich without being overly sweet.

When you vape Butter Face vape juice, your dessert fantasies will be satisfied instantly. Thanks to the brand's devotion to high-quality ingredients, you'll swear that you're treating yourself to spoonful after spoonful of luxurious strawberry-infused custard. The flavor is so intense that it will linger on the taste buds long after you exhale.

When you inhale Butter Face vape juice, tantalizing strawberry flavor delivers exhilarating tangy notes that spark on the palate. Then, the strawberry flavor becomes sweeter, making your mouth water with delight. On the exhale, a rich and creamy custard bath saturates your tongue. With this guilty pleasure you may want to turn the lights off and enjoy!

Butter Face vape juice is available in two different nicotine levels. This e-liquid arrives in a 30ml glass dropper bottle.