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It's tempting, but keep your hands on the wheel! Road Head vape juice is a beautiful marriage of tangy tropical fruits and gloriously rich cream. This e-liquid tastes like your favorite tropical cocktails that keep the taste buds in a state of ecstasy. As you vape this luxurious e-juice flavor, flavors like pineapple and coconut will enchant the palate as a velvety cream bath floods the tongue.

While developing this premium e-juice, Fog Brothers was on a mission to find the very best fruit flavors out there. As a result, Road Head vape juice provides the palate with authentic fruit tastes, making you swear that fresh fruit juice is flowing over your taste buds.

With each inhale of Road Head vape juice, a burst of tangy pineapple flavor tingles on the back of the tongue. Then, a rush of juicy mango flavor makes the sweet tooth scream with pleasure. On the exhale, creamy coconut flavor soaks into the taste buds as a drizzle of seductive cream coats the tongue. So, stay focused and enjoy the ride!

Road Head vape juice is available in two different nicotine strengths. This e-liquid comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle.