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Your lips will quiver from this mix. Few flavors can transform one's state of mind like that of rich, silky custard. For Truffle Butter vape juice, Fog Brothers has delivered the very best custard flavor on the planet. With every puff, the taste buds will be treated to buttery, velvety and gloriously sweet custard flavor.

Truffle Butter vape juice is a vanilla custard that oozes with luxury. The smooth consistency will make you feel like you've just put a spoonful of real custard into your mouth. Made with exceptional ingredients, Truffle Butter vape juice is guaranteed to seduce you with its intensely pleasurable taste.

When you inhale Truffle Butter vape juice, that warm vanilla flavor takes over the taste buds, making you salivate with excitement. Then, the flavor becomes sweeter and sweeter, pleasing the sweet tooth. With each exhale, sinfully rich custard flavor completely saturates the palate, making it impossible to resist taking another puff.

Truffle Butter vape juice is available in a 30ml glass bottle with a childproof dropper cap. This e-liquid comes in two different nicotine strengths