Glazed Donut E-Juice Recipe

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mL %
E-Base™ (30 mL bottle) 25.5 85
E-Flavors™ Old Fashioned Donut 2.0 7
E-Flavors™ Bavarian Cream 1.0 3
E-Flavors™ Cotton Candy 1.0 3
E-Flavors™ Cream 0.5 2
Totals 30 100

We all have our guilty pleasures, and donuts definitely fall into the category of special occasion snacks. Beyond some of the finest ingredients, DIY vaping supplies, and other premium products, NicVape loves compiling fun and easy recipes that you can make from scratch in the comfort of your own at-home vape laboratory. Using E-Base™, our signature ready-to-flavor nicotine base, you can save time and energy creating a truly tasty e-liquid to enjoy all day long. Satisfy your sweet tooth by trying our Glazed Donut e-juice recipe today!

Our Glazed Donut e-juice recipe is quick, easy, and always delicious. Whether you’re looking to trade off your typical ADV or make a unique e-juice for any special occasion, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another flavor combination that’s this convincing. To start, you will need bottles of our Old-Fashioned Donut, Bavarian Cream, Cotton Candy, and Cream E-Flavors™. Next, you will need one bottle of our signature E-Base™, which conveniently takes away the guesswork in determining ratios or strengths. In addition to ingredients, we also carry all the supplies you need to join the new generation of mixologists. Stock up on all the essentials and safety products by exploring our inventory!

Simply add all the required E-Flavors™ into the E-Base™ using a pipette or syringe. Shake well, steep, and enjoy! Our e-juice mixologists began vaping right away without letting this mixture steep, but the flavors only get better after a few days. Steeping times may vary depending on preference and desired flavor intensity. If you have any questions about our Glazed Donut e-juice recipe or are interested in starting your own personal laboratory with our e-liquid supplies and accessories, contact us today for further assistance.

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