Piña Colada E-Base Recipe

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Ingredient Volume (mL)
E-Base 25.5 (30mL E-Base Bottle)
E-Flavors Pineapple 1.5
E-Flavors Coconut 1.0
E-Flavors Cream 1.5
E-Flavors Maraschino Cherry 0.5
Total: 30

Want to feel as if you’re sunbathing on a beach in Puerto Rico even if you’re on your lunch break? Look no further than our deluxe Piña Colada E-Base recipe. Utilizing some of our most popular E-Flavors, the flavor experts and vaping visionaries at NicVape were able to innovate this recipe that’s great for a refreshing vape after a long workday or an ADV you will want to sink your teeth into. Looking for the DIY supplies to get started? Explore our inventory to find all the professional supplies you need to create unbelievably delicious e-liquids in the safety and comfort of your own home or laboratory. Join us today to discover how simple it is to create supreme flavors with this exciting and easy recipe.

To start, you will need one 15-milliliter bottle of Pineapple e-juice flavoring, one 15-milliiter of Coconut e-juice flavoring, one 15-milliliter bottle of Cream e-juice flavoring, one 15-milliliter bottle of Maraschino Cherry e-juice flavoring, our signature E-Base formula, and a graduated cylinder, as well as a syringe or pipette.

Add just one and a half millimeters of our Pineapple E-Flavor to the graduated cylinder using a syringe or pipette. Follow this first step with one milliliter of our Coconut E-Flavor, one and a half milliliters of our Cream E-Flavor, and then with half of a milliliter of our Maraschino Cherry E-Flavor. To finish up this delicious concoction, you’ll need to pour your combined E-Flavors into 25.5 milliliters of our E-Base, tighten the cap, shake, let it steep to your preferences, and vape! This Piña Colada E-Base recipe is extremely fun and easy to make.

DIY enthusiasts might like a little more creative freedom when it comes to selecting their ingredients. We offer a wide selection of our signature E-Flavors and unflavored E-Base products so you can transform our Piña Colada E-Base recipe into something unique for your taste buds to enjoy. Each E-Flavor is crafted by a Master Flavorist and engineered to meet our strict standards of quality, taste profile, and consistency. Join the next generation of mixologists by following our easy recipe today! Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our monthly recipes or our selection of vape supplies.

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