Root Beer Float E-Juice Recipe

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mL grams %
Nicotine Solution: 25mg/mL in PG 6.4 6.63 32
VG 10.6 13.37 53
E-Flavors Root Beer 1.2 1.2 6
E-Flavors Vanilla Custard 1.8 1.8 9
Totals 20 23 100

Strength: 8 mg/mL
PG/VG Ratio: 47/53
Flavor Total: 3 mL (15%)

Nothing says summer quite like the frosty rapture of a root beer float. Revive the good old days by trying this scrumptious Root Beer Float e-juice recipe that was submitted by an anonymous user. At NicVape, we are constantly testing the limits to provide high-quality ingredients that we stand behind and use ourselves. Along the way, we love learning how our loyal customers are experimenting with any of our great-tasting E-Flavors™ or our other signature ingredients to create a solid ADV or a mouthwatering treat for a special occasion. This soda-inspired recipe delivers a rich and creamy experience unlike anything else you’ve ever tried.

Take your ice cream float reveries to the next level with the help of this Root Beer Float e-juice recipe. Using just a few of our best-selling e-liquid components and DIY accessories, you can concoct this recipe for up to 20 milliliters of quintessential flavors that will have you coming back again and again. Just remember, you can tailor your throat hit by adjusting the PG to VG ratio during the dilution process. DIY vaping should be fun and adventurous. Feel free to mix it up or keep it simple until you’ve crafted the perfect flavor profile for all-day indulgence.

Before trying our Root Beer Float e-juice recipe, double check that you have all the DIY vape supplies and ingredients you need. Our signature E-Flavors™ collection includes a wide range of genuine flavorings that we guarantee you’re going to love. While you’re here, explore our vast selection of DIY vaping supplies, measuring containers, and mixing accessories. Simply combine our exclusive Root Beer and Vanilla Custard E-Flavors™ in your graduated cylinder or beaker using a pipette or syringe. Pour your flavor concentrate medley into your liquid nicotine with a PG base and VG diluent. Every DIY vaper should be aware that nicotine can have some toxic effects if it contacts the skin. Using our blue nitrile gloves, you can dilute your nicotine to achieve outstanding vapor production. Tighten the cap, shake, and vape! Steeping times may vary depending on your desired flavor intensity.

We are proud to be your one-stop vape shop, and we are committed to sourcing the best materials so you can create a DIY e-liquid with each and every attempt. Have questions? Please contact any of our master mixologists today so we can answer your questions or provide the assistance you need in setting up your personal DIY vape laboratory.

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