Vanilla Butterscotch Tobacco E-Juice Recipe

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mL %
Nicotine Solution 25 mg/mL (PG Base) 2.4 24
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) 6.1 61
E-Flavors™ Butterscotch 0.2 2
E-Flavors™ Sweet Tobacco 0.5 5
E-Flavors™ Sweet Brown 0.5 5
E-Flavors™ Vanilla Custard 0.3 3
Totals 10 100

  • Strength: 6mg/mL
  • PG/VG Ratio: 40/60
  • Flavor Total: 1.5 mL (15%)

Looking for an ADV with creamy undertones of butterscotch and the toasted authenticity of some robust tobacco? Look no further. We specialize in manufacturing some of the finest DIY vaping ingredients and supplies on the market, but we also enjoy learning about and sharing innovative ways in which our customers concoct tasty e-liquids. Getting started on your very own vape recipe can be challenging, but we help you save time and energy by providing this tasty Vanilla Butterscotch Tobacco e-juice recipe submitted by an anonymous user.

This e-juice recipe is not for the faint of heart. If your favorite hangout spot after a long day at the office is a cigar lounge or confectionery, you have come to the right place. Our signature E-Flavors™ collection includes a wide range of genuine tobacco concentrates and flavorings inspired by sugary sweets we guarantee you’re going to love. While you’re here, explore our vast selection of DIY vaping supplies, measuring containers, and mixing accessories.

In this Vanilla Butterscotch Tobacco recipe, the soothing blend of creamy, nutty vanilla and golden butterscotch are used as mild sweeteners to complement our full-bodied Sweet Tobacco E-Flavors™. Top off this sinfully delicious medley with a hint of spice by using our Sweet Brown E-Flavor™.

Remember to mix, match, and have fun. DIY vaping is all about experimentation, and we take that seriously. To start, combine our signature E-Flavors™ into your graduated cylinder or beaker using a pipette or syringe. Pour your combined flavor concentrates into your liquid nicotine that’s diluted with vegetable glycerin. Every DIY vaper should be aware that nicotine can have some toxic effects if it contacts your skin. Using our blue nitrile gloves, you can safely dilute nicotine with the liquid PG base. Tighten the cap, shake, and vape! Steeping times may vary depending on your desired flavor intensity.

This Vanilla Butterscotch Tobacco e-juice recipe delivers an earthy yet sweet punch of flavor. If you have any questions about this recipe or starting your own personal laboratory with our e-liquid supplies and accessories, contact NicVape today for further assistance and explore our inventory!

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