PUG Root Beer Float E-Juice Recipe

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mL %
E-Base™ (30 mL bottle) 25.5 85
E-Flavors™ Root Beer 1.5 5
E-Flavors™ Cream 1.0 3
E-Flavors™ Vanilla 1.0 3
E-Flavors™ Vanilla Swirl 1.0 3
Totals 30 100

Looking for a reliable ADV to add some pep to your step? If you enjoy bubbly beverages with quality ingredients, then you will absolutely love our PUG Root Beer Float e-juice recipe. Using just a few of our signature flavor concentrates and E-Base's ready-to-flavor nicotine base, you can create a creamy, satisfying e-liquid without any carbonation to tickle your senses.

Make sure your personal vape laboratory has all the ingredients and supplies you need before starting to make our PUG Root Beer Float e-juice recipe. We conveniently carry pipettes, syringes, and a variety of measuring containers to suit any budget. You will also need bottles of our Root Beer, Cream, Vanilla, and Vanilla Swirl E-Flavors™. Don’t waste any more time or energy trying to calculate complicated measurements and ratios. We do most of the work for you with our exclusive E-Base™. This nicotine base offers the target level of nicotine strength without compromising on the quality flavors of our concentrates.

Simply add all the E-Flavors™ that the PUG Root Beer Float e-juice recipe calls for into the E-Base™ using a pipette or syringe. Shake well and then you can steep your blend to maximize flavor intensity. When our vaping experts made this recipe, we got more of the root beer flavor than the cream, so you may wish to play around with the ingredients and measurements a little to suit your tastes. Play around, mix it up, and have fun! If you have any questions about our PUG Root Beer Float e-juice recipe, feel free to contact us for further assistance or additional information. If you have a recipe you've made with E-Base™ and/or E-Flavors™ that you love and can’t get enough of, send it in to us. We'll post it up and give you mad props.

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Loren McClaflin (Store Admin) March 8, 2017 8:08 AM reply

Lay off the coffee, Señor Shakey! :-)

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Micksconn January 26, 2020 9:35 AM reply
I changed this up a bit after the first batch I made. I used 1ml of Root Beer and 1.5m of the Vanilla Swirl... The little change made a huge difference and smoothed the Root Beer out. I absolutely love you guys and all the flavors I purchased have been great.

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