Supermint - 60mL Chubby Gorilla
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  • Retro™ Supermint E-Juice is a BOLD, Icy, Invigorating Mint Blend
  • 60mL Chubby Gorilla PET Bottle with dropper cap
  • Did we say- BOLD? Yep, it's bold.
  • See the Description below for more details

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    Retro's Supermint E-Juice is a BOLD, icy, invigorating mint blend, that's stronger than a locomotive, and is sure to blow any superhero's cape back. Supermint combines the refreshing flavors of Spearmint, Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Menthol, into a vibrant, crisp vaping sensation which leaves your breath minty-fresh, and will leave those super-villains shaking in their boots. You have been warned!

    What do you call it when a superhero and a gorilla go off and have a lovechild?

    Well, we don't really know what you'd CALL it, but we know what it IS -- Retro™ Supermint E-Liquid in 60mL Chubby Gorilla bottles!

    SUPERMINT is one of our most requested vapes, so apparently, there are a lot of flavor-thrill seekers out there in Gotham. And now, it's available in super-sized, 60mL Chubby Gorilla bottles; better designed to ensure you won't run dry during lengthy battles, while not so large that they won't fit neatly tucked away in your spandex onesie.