• The flavor of Toasted Almonds is a great nutty addition to other flavors, or as a stand-alone.
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Behind the peanut, it’s safe to say that the almond is a sweeping sensation. We enjoy them dipped in chocolate just as much as on their own. We know how difficult it can be to find genuine flavors for all your DIY vaping adventures. You deserve nothing but the most authentic flavoring, and we think we have just the solution for you. Our Toasted Almond E-Flavors™ is as pure as they come and will add a delightful complement to other flavors. Otherwise, it can stand just as bright on its own as a solo flavoring. Use our toasted almond flavoring concentrate in any of your experiments or design a recipe with a crisp nutty twist at the start.

Try our Toasted Almond E-Flavors™ with chocolates, creams, or other dessert-inspired flavor concentrates in our selection that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. While you might want to showcase your love of almonds, our signature flavor goes a long way. The slightly bitter Toasted Almond Flavoring can easily overpower other flavorings, so start with 1-5% and add to taste.

Looking for a wildly versatile flavor that will only improve your e-juices? Look no further than our toasted almond flavoring concentrate. We offer 15-, 60-, and 120-milliliter glass bottles and our high-quality ingredients are in-stock and ready to ship. We pride ourselves as being the one-stop vapor shop for DIY mixology or vaping enthusiasts who may be short on time. We offer a variety of vape accessories and premium ingredients to take your personal laboratory over the top.

Mix E-Flavors™ into E-Bases™ Ready to Flavor e-liquid nicotine base for the easiest way to make e-liquid at home. Remember to have fun by mixing and matching. We supply all the DIY supplies you need, including beakers, graduated cylinders, pipettes, amber glass bottles, and so much more. If you have any questions about our Toasted Almond E-Flavors™, please contact one of our master mixologists today for further assistance. You’re just a few clicks away from measuring and mixing your own e-liquid ingredients!